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Product classification

Contact Us

Add: Guozhuang town, Jurong City, Jiang su province, China
Contact: Vivian Chen
Tel: +86-511-87566058
Fax: +86-511-87566068
Zip: 212400
Email:vivianchen@jinfafibermachine.com Website:http://en.jinfafibermachine.com
Sole agent in Iran
Moshaverin Sanati Texan Machine Asia
Tehran Iran
Tel / Fax :+98- 21 – 88 48 55 60 ~ 61
Company introduction
>>Detailed information
     Jiangsu Jinfa Chemical Fibre Equipment Co.,Ltd is a private enterprises, established in 1990. The company mainly produces,researches and sells chemical staple fiber machinery. For years, the company has devoted its endeavor to reserch and delevopment, especially has made remarkable achievement in production of pplyester staple fiber,compund staple fiber and polyamide staple fibre. Mean while, a 10000 tons per year
Chemical fiber production line
Fiber machine
Spare parts